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Many things have changed .....

Covid-19 Pandemic & Skin Care Guidelines:

Many things in life have changed since COVID-19 hit the planet, including our skin. Due to wearing mask and stress that we are experiencing these days, the condition on our skin has changed. We hear from our clients, new facial concerns like rashes and breakout due to wearing the face mask. On the other hand while we are living in a stressful time, stress can cause inflammation and breakout on skin.

Concerns like breakout, rashes, dehydration and inflammation that these days we are dealing with, is called “Maskne”. While we have to deal with Covid-19 and wearing mask for a while, what can be done about Maskne?

First of all, it’s important to choose the right mask. It is advised to use reusable and washable masks because of their safety and longevity. In choosing your mask put the safety in priority, also choose the right material for your mask and wash your mask regularly. Oil, nasal mucus and saliva sweat, can get on your face mask. It is recommended to wash and dry your mask before you use it again. Be careful in choosing the detergent, as masks come into direct contact with the skin. You need to use a detergent that is fragrance and dye-free to avoid potential skin allergies.

The other factor which plays an important role in Maskne, is skin care routine. If you already have a routine in your skin care, you need to adjust it with new situation and if you don’t have a certain routine start creating it. There are two main factors that you have to consider them in your routine in this period of time. You need to keep your skin constantly clean and also hydrated. Cleanse and moisturize your face before and after using a mask. The products that you use for cleansing and moisturising are really important. Choose products labelled "noncomedogenic," which means they won't clog skin pores.

Also don't use products with petrolatum which is a common ingredient in heavy creams and ointments. Avoid oil-based skin care products under the mask during the day but at night time, while you are not wearing mask at home, put nourishing and rich hydrating products to moisture and reinforce barrier. On the other hand, while there are some restrictions for skin treatments in the clinics, it’s really important to have a complete and proper skin care regimen at home. At Laser Health & Glamour clinic, we have an Alumier MD Skin care product which is a medical grade skin care line with medical-grade ingredients in the cleanest formulations to produce the best possible treatment results. There are verities of cleansers, Moisturizers and treatment serums with lots of active and environmental friendly ingredients which are designed for different skin types and conditions.

In order to make it easier for our clients in this stressful situation, we have designed a complimentary skin consultation to find the right products for new skin concerns and also 30% off on all Alumier MD skin care products.

For more information you can contact us at 905 597-2446

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