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Laser Leg & Face Vein Treatment; does that really work?!

What is Telangiectasias Visible spider veins or Telangiectasias (leg veins and facial veins) affect millions of people all over the world and over 50% of women are affected by that. They can develop on the different areas of the body but the most common areas are nose, cheeks, chin and legs What causes it Spider veins have a variety of causes including weakness or damage of valves in the veins. They may also be created by hormonal changes, skin sun damage, weight gain, lack of movement, standing for a long period of time, injuries, impaired blood circulation or even poor liver function. Genetic is another main factor to play a role in their creation as well. Healthy habits and good lifestyle choices can definitely help to prevent spider veins, but if you have already experienced them, there are some effective treatments for them. SELF CARE there are some tips that could prevent from having new spider veins which are included but not limited to: • Exercise • Elevate your legs • After Sitting for a long periods, get up and walk around every 30 minutes • After Standing for a long periods, Take a break every 30 minutes • Avoid soaking in hot baths for long periods of time. • Drink enough water • Eat feeds with high Fiber • Compression stockings Self-care tips can help prevent new varicose and spider veins but cannot get rid of existing ones. to get rid of existing veins there are varieties of solutions which needs no surgery is laser pulses. Laser Vein Therapy is an effective and safe laser treatment that helps reduce unsightly veins on the face, legs or anywhere on the body. Laser energy passes through the skin and into the vein, once the energy is absorbed by blood, the vein disappears, restoring the skin's natural appearance. At Laser Health & Glamour Clinic we use CYNOSURE ELITE+ laser work station designed for removing unwanted leg and face vein. Mojgan Radmand Medical Aesthetician

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